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Our Projects

Friendship Cards

Friendship Cards

Remme-Los is a non-profit organisation and has started the "Friendship Cards" loyalty programme to raise funds in order to obtain sustainability. Remme-Los Selfhelp centre is a home for Quadriplegics and Paraplegics (spinal cord injuries) which have been established in 1987 by quadriplegics for quadriplegics. Please read more under the "Friendship Cards" tab.

Independent Living

Independent Living

Living Conditions of persons with disabilities in South Africa, especially those with severe functional limitations, are extremely challenging, despite various initiatives much still needs to be done to provide adequate appropriate support. Please read more under the "Independent Living" tab.


Boxwood Movie

Click on the link below to watch the Boxwood movie by Phoenix Films featuring Remme-Los:

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Our mission

Our mission is to be an effective co-coordinating, policy-making and supporting organization striving to prevent spinal cord injury and to promote and protect the interests of people with mobility impairments through advocacy, lobbying and delivery of services and products to people with disabilities.






Kitchen/House staff


Office Assistant

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Our Sponsers

A big thank you to all our sponors. If we have missed your name by accident, please send us your logo / name to be added. Thank you.

More of our sponsors:

  • Colin Rilley
  • Augusto D’Alessio
  • Domenico D’Alessio
  • Vivaldo Damilano
  • Dr Graham Edwards
  • Sandown Motors (Mercedes)
  • Vestplan
  • Joan Borstlap and Dining Angels
  • Toopvar Investments Pty, Ltd
  • Fuchs Foundation
  • B & R Construction
  • F Vosloo
  • Kobie Breedt


Our Vision

To achieve a better life for quadriplegics and paraplegics by means of, sustainable self-help projects assisted by concerned donor organizations. To attain this we need to define our goals and not allow ourselves to deviate. Ultimately we strive for: Better transport for quadriplegics and paraplegics; Better housing for quadriplegics and paraplegics; Greater public understanding of our special needs.